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Post-Covid19 - Stockholm Peace Summit

Panel Orateur Titres
Night session
Co-Session with USA / Canada
Dr Mike Yeadon, Former Chief Scientist at Pfizer, England  
Pr Christian Schubert, Professor for Psychoneuroimmunology, Austria Experts Perspective From Around The World
One Year Review on Covid19
According to Several Global Experts
Pr Martin Kulldorff, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, USA  
Me Rocco Galati, Me Carlo Brusa & Me Dominic Desjarlais with the Professors.  
Appeal to the World Toward a New Era of Justice and Ethics in Science and Politics. International Appeal for a Just Peace and Healthy Post- Covid19  
Conclusion Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, President IPSE  
François Daubé, Director IPSE