Post-Covid19 - Stockholm Peace Summit

Panel Videos Orateur Titres
Welcome and purpose François Daubé, Director IPSE, Switzerland Purpose of the Summit and Vision for 2021 +
One year of Covid19: Situation, analysis, clarification Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, International Public Health Scientist, President IPSE Switzerland The Need to Review the Covid19 Outbreak to Find Peaceful
Panel 1
Healing response Post-Covid19

Treating Covid19 Patients: Toward Health in Accordance with our Rights
Me Carlo Brusa, Lawyer France Europe, Italy and France Has Covid19 Killed the Rights?
Dr Pascal Sacré, Anesthesiologist & Medical Doctor in Critical Care Medicine, Belgium Critical Care Management of Covid19
Dr Béatrice Milbert, Specialist Complementary Medicine, France & Switzerland Innovative Healing for the 21st Century
Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Geneticist, France (Duplex) Covid19: Is Health in the Genome and Vaccine?
Dr Jean-Jacques Muyembe, WHO Infectious Disease Expert, Republic of the Congo (Duplex) Epidemiological Comparative Analysis
Debate Panel 1 Remettre les noms dans l’ordre.  
Panel 2
Communication & Media Analysed and Explained

Communication Confusion Analysis during Covid19
Pierre Barnérias, Film Director & Producer of Hold-Up (Tprod), france Role and Importance of Long-Feature Documentaries
Xavier Azalbert, Director France Soir TV & News, France How to Avoid Bias in the Media?
Louis Fouché, France (Duplex) Reinfo Covid: From Individual Resignation and Fear toward a
Collective Creative Reempowerment and Courage
Q & A Streaming  
Panel 3
Peace & Future, Justice & Policy Response for the People

Lessons learned for a Post-Covid19 Peace
Député Carine Montaner Raynaud, Politician, Andorra Policy Model: The Principality of Andorra
Dr Christian Zürcher, Swiss Health Association, Switzerland (Video) Health System Model: Reviewing Covid19 Medical Care inSwitzerland
Me Dominic Desjarlais, Lawyer, Canada Covid19 Legal Overview: When Science Meets the Law
Me Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer / President and Director of The Constitutional Rights Center, Canada Covid19 Legal Aspects & Constitutional Rights
Debate & Discussion between Lawyers  
Night session
Co-Session with USA / Canada
Dr Mike Yeadon, Former Chief Scientist at Pfizer, England  
Pr Christian Schubert, Professor for Psychoneuroimmunology, Austria Experts Perspective From Around The World
One Year Review on Covid19
According to Several Global Experts
Pr Martin Kulldorff, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, USA  
Me Rocco Galati, Me Carlo Brusa & Me Dominic Desjarlais with the Professors.  
Appeal to the World Toward a New Era of Justice and Ethics in Science and Politics. International Appeal for a Just Peace and Healthy Post- Covid19  
Conclusion Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, President IPSE  
François Daubé, Director IPSE